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Lightening Kit against Skin Spots

Lightening Kit against Skin Spots

Rediscover your natural beauty with the Fiori di Cipria lightening anti-stain treatment! Thanks to its exclusive combination of natural and innovative ingredients, skin spots will be reduced and the complexion uniform for a brighter and more radiant face that will shine with health, try it now!

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What does the Fiori di Cipria anti-stain treatment include?

An effective solution against the overproduction of melanin thanks to a set of latest generation natural active ingredients, effective and of the highest quality

  • crema depigmentante re-clair

    Re-Clair Intense Depigmenting Cream

    With the innovative sea lily extract , it drastically reduces spots and skin imperfections caused by melanin overproduction

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  • mousse detergente viso Fiori di Cipria vicino ad un'orchidea fiorita, per sottolineare le sue proprietà antinfiammatorie e di riduzione dello stress ossidativo della pelle

    Delicate Cleansing Mousse with Aloe Vera

    It reduces inflammation and oxidative stress , among the main causes of skin spots, for a luminous and uniform skin

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  • immagine ritraente il siero in gocce re-age nutrive di Fiori di Cipria

    Re-Age Nutrive Ultra Concentrated Face Serum

    With hyaluronic acid and tephrosia purpurea , it prevents the appearance of dark spots on the face, giving a more uniform and luminous complexion

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The secret is in the ingredients

Innovative 100% natural and highly effective active ingredients

  • Sea Lily

    Don't be misled by the delicate nature of this beautiful marine flower: it is a very powerful active ingredient that is extremely effective in treating blemishes

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  • gocce di olio


    Also known as Vitamin B3, it protects against UV rays, reduces blemishes, tightens pores and improves skin resilience eliminating its imperfections

  • Spalte

    Known for its skin whitening properties, the extract of this plant reduces the production of melanin and evens skin tone

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