giglio di mare in fiore su una spiaggia sabbiosa

Sea lily extract: a precious natural ally against dark spots

Don't be misled by the delicate and harmonious nature of this beautiful marine flower: Sea Lily extract is a very powerful active ingredient that is extremely effective in the treatment of dark spots on the skin .

Also known as pancratium maritimum , it is a plant native to the Mediterranean area and grows in sandy and rocky coastal areas, such as Sardinia for example. For years it has been the subject of several studies that have demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing skin spots and improving the brightness and general appearance of the skin.

It is in fact a powerful neuro-active ingredient for the treatment of skin spots caused, for example, by an overproduction of melanin (a condition also known as hyperpigmentation ).

sea ​​lily in bloom on a sandy beach

Sea lily is grown in laboratory greenhouses and from it a revolutionary active ingredient in the reduction of skin pigmentation caused, for example, by stress and ageing, is extracted by simply using water.

By acting directly on stressed cells and on epidermal neuro-peptides, this extract counteracts abnormal skin pigmentation and reduces dark spots without exerting an acid action, making it a cosmetic ingredient that is not only effective but also safe.

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