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Perfect Tan Complete Kit

Perfect Tan Complete Kit

This kit combines three powerful formulas that allow you to achieve a perfect tan with extreme care for your skin. The treatment awakens the production of melanin, protects with quality from sun damage and finally fixes the tan, leaving you with glowing skin and an enviable complexion, try it and discover your perfect tan!

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How is it used?

1st step: Apply the Tan Activator Cream after a shower instead of your moisturizer and start at least two weeks before going out in the sun.

2nd step : before exposing yourself to the sun, apply the Tanning Activator Cream , massaging gently until completely absorbed. Then apply the SPF 15 sun cream . This will allow you to intensify your tan.

3rd step: Apply the After Sun Cream to soothe the skin and fix the tan.

What are its benefits?

  • The skin will tan faster but with a natural, homogeneous and brilliant colour.
  • It is not a self-tanning treatment, therefore it does not color the skin but stimulates the natural production of melanin.
  • It prevents the formation of rashes by preparing the skin for sun exposure.
  • The tan lasts longer.
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What products are included in this kit?

An effective solution to prepare your skin for the sun, stimulate melanin and give your tan a boost

  • Stimulate the complexion with the Tan Activator

    Rich and nourishing body cream with the addition of an innovative 100% natural tanning booster pentapeptide which enhances the natural luminosity of the skin and promotes the appearance of an intense and uniform colour .

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  • Protect, nourish and hydrate with Sunscreen 15

    Medium sun protection with high quality sun filters that guarantee homogeneous protection, reducing the risk of rashes and burns while not preventing tanning.

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  • Fix the tan and repair the skin with the After Sun

    This soothing and repairing cream will nourish, hydrate and soothe the skin after sun exposure, while fixing the tan . It also gives relief from redness caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

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