Come eliminare la pancia e combattere il grasso addominale

How to get rid of belly fat and fight belly fat

In this article we try to find out how to eliminate the cd. bacon and how to fight the fat that accumulates on the belly.

What to eat to eliminate and deflate the belly?

First we eliminate foods subject to fermentation and which therefore cause the accumulation of gas in our intestines, increasing the volume of the abdomen even more. In fact, it is advisable not to overdo it with legumes which, although low in fat, release gas and swell the intestines.

It is preferable to consume carbohydrates from whole grains or from gluten-free foods such as rice and corn. Among the meats it is preferable to choose the white ones such as chicken and turkey. Green light also for eggs and oily fish and salmon.

It is advisable to supplement the diet daily with so-called fat-burning foods , which stimulate the metabolism by increasing the expenditure of calories (eg dried fruit, such as almonds and walnuts, chilli peppers, bananas, pineapple, lemon and green tea).
Then there are a whole series of foods that can contribute to inflammation of the intestine and abdominal swelling, such as refined carbohydrates and sugars, yeasts, acidic foods (such as tomatoes), fried foods and packaged foods. Cheeses, if you are not lactose intolerant, it is better not to eliminate them but their consumption should still be limited.

Since stress is also among the main causes of abdominal swelling, it is advisable, where possible, to avoid situations or people who exasperate us and prefer people who make us feel good. This obviously would benefit our health from various points of view, but unfortunately it is not always possible, especially in the workplace. So let's try not to get overwhelmed by stress and always manage it with strength and determination!

It is important to underline that in the absence of constant physical activity, all the attention at the table and targeted cosmetic products are not enough.

By doing physical activity we stimulate the endorphins which have a positive effect on mood and dissolve tensions, and then by directly stimulating the muscles they are strengthened and by increasing the lean mass by reducing the fat one.

There are four muscle groups to work on to obtain a fat-burning effect on the abdomen and a thinner waistline : core muscle, oblique muscles (internal and external) and transverse muscle.

Basic Abs Exercises To Get Rid Of The Belly:

  • Crunches (or push-ups) to train the rectus abdominis from supine.
  • Torso twists to the right or left.
  • Medicine ball exercises to stimulate the oblique muscles.
  • Bike or scissor with legs to train the lower abs.
  • Special cases

Post pregnancy

Getting rid of belly fat after pregnancy takes a little longer.
The presence of a child inside the female body for so many months changes its metabolism and the tendency to accumulate fat on the belly will be stronger. At the beginning, the mother must fully enjoy this important moment for herself and for the newborn. In due course she will recover with a targeted diet and physical activity to regain her pre-pregnancy fitness in a reasonable time.
The advice is to continue using almond oil, the use of which has already been recommended for the entire period of pregnancy.


Menopausal women undergo bodily changes due to hormonal decompensation resulting from missed periods. The silhouette transforms and the first area to change is the abdomen.
In this delicate phase of life it is important to control body weight with a balanced diet and constant physical activity . Furthermore, exercising increases the production of calcium, which is essential for fighting osteoporosis.

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