Regalo o Dono? Una differenza che fa la differenza

Is every gift the same? Watch the difference

It is universally known that not all gifts have the same meaning.

There are in fact two types and to confirm this is also the origin of the words. Digging into the origins of European languages, we even discover that there are different terms to express the idea of a gift based on its final purpose.


The obligatory gifts

The true meaning of this kind of gift is a gesture of subjection to the person to whom it is intended. There is a Latin word present in many European languages that translates precisely as royal, precisely to emphasize this concept.

We make a gift to people to whom we want to show gratitude for what they have done for us, to whom we feel indebted and to whom we have a kind of devotion. This category often includes all those gifts made or received without thinking about the personality of those who will have to unwrap them. Many times these end up being re-gifted or even the author of the gesture is forgotten.


Gifts from the heart

There is a Latin term that expresses a very different concept from the one just illustrated and it is donum, which means "to give to the other". This kind of gift is a tribute to spontaneity, a gesture of gratitude towards the relationship between two people that enriches the lives of both.

Basically, they are the ones who, when we receive them, make us feel special and important to each other. They are the ones that excite us and strike us precisely because they have managed to capture an aspect of ourselves.

When you open them, they give you the feeling that that person has thought of you and has given you a value.

These gifts has a universal value, they know no crisis or economic differences

Why choose to give a cosmetic as a gift?

Not just a gift

A cosmetic is not a simple object. By giving a product for the care of the skin of the face and body, you are giving a person you love a moment to take care of themselves, to pamper themselves.

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