Pelle bella in gravidanza

You become more beautiful during pregnancy!

It's not a way of saying, but it's evidence: you become more beautiful during pregnancy and this is thanks to super busy hormones!

In fact, during pregnancy, a woman has brighter skin, thicker and shinier hair, stronger nails... The cause is the hormones stimulated by the "interesting" state in which the future mother is.

During the delicate period of pregnancy, a woman's skin undergoes significant changes. It is exposed not only to normal external aggressions, but also to mutations of the organism both from an immunological and metabolic point of view.

Helping the skin to stay healthy and elastic is important and intelligent choices must be made, such as resting adequately, drinking plenty of water, following a balanced diet and having a correct and adequate Beauty Routine with cosmetics suited to the needs of the moment.

These attentions will help our skin to respond adequately, avoiding irreparable damage as much as possible.

Hormones during pregnancy alter the metabolism of the skin on the face

The strong hormonal stresses during pregnancy can cause alterations to the skin. The most common is hyperpigmentation , caused by the hormone composed of estrogen and progesterone which stimulate melanogenesis . It manifests itself with a progressive darkening of the skin as the pregnancy continues, especially in the areas of the armpits, around the navel and breast areolas, as well as freckles and old scars. Another characteristic of hyperpigmentation of the skin during pregnancy is melasma , also defined as pregnancy mask, i.e. a darker pigmentation, especially in the areas most affected by the sun's rays on the face, such as cheeks, nose and forehead. Before exposing yourself to sunlight, the fundamental rule for preventing spots is to protect your skin with adequate sunscreen. In the event of the appearance of spots, hypergmentation can be controlled with specific depigmenting treatments. In most cases everything disappears completely after childbirth with rather long recovery times (8/9 months), even if they vary from individual to individual.

Pregnancy is a happy moment in a woman's life that should be enjoyed to the fullest.

How does women's skin prepare to face the delicate period of pregnancy?

A pregnant woman's skin changes her metabolism . In fact, this perfect organ is stimulated by hormones that send the message "to make room" to the skin of the woman's belly. In turn, the hormone receptors help the belly skin to stretch. In fact, this will gradually become thinner, forming a dark line near the navel, called the linea alba. This line is the communication that the skin sends to the future mother, who must prepare for the wonderful arrival.

The skin , to be kept intact, must be sufficiently elastic ; otherwise, so-called stretch marks would be created. The elasticity of a woman's skin belongs to her genetic heritage, therefore, stretch marks are not always avoidable. However, damage from the inside can be avoided or contained thanks to a balanced diet and correct hydration (drinking plenty of water), while from the outside it is essential to use targeted cosmetic treatments that stimulate elastin to strengthen and in turn stimulate the collagen as much as possible.

The most important thing is to live this moment of change with great serenity, because pregnancy is a unique and wonderful experience…

After giving birth, with due time, the skin will return to being balanced and supple as before.

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