Per un'abbronzatura perfetta bisogna giocare d'anticipo

For a perfect tan you have to plan ahead

The secret to a perfect, rigorously non-opaque and long-lasting tan is not reducing yourself to the last minute and being constant.

Everything goes from a preparatory skincare

Some time before summer you need to prepare your skin for tanning and sun exposure with the right skincare.
As we well know, a cosmetic treatment needs about 4 weeks before being effective and visible, the time necessary for the skin to carry out its natural cell turnover.
Having said that, let's start with the skin of the face which is the most exposed and most sensitive and stressed by the change of season.

Let's start with the Face Serum

First of all, it is necessary to repair and calm the skin from redness with targeted active ingredients. After thorough cleansing (try our Delicate Cleansing Mousse in combination with the new Exfoliating Face Brush ), we proceed with the application of a few drops of the New Re-Age Nutrive Ultra Concentrated Face Serum .

Thanks to its mechanism of action, it will be possible to observe an increase in luminosity and an improvement in skin colour, in association with an important anti-aging action. We remind you that repairing the superficial tissues of the face is essential to allow the skin to protect itself effectively from the sun and atmospheric agents.

Let's move on to the skin of the body

Even the skin of the body is not doing well after being covered up under sweaters and coats throughout the winter season.

First of all it is necessary to exfoliate the skin to renew the skin surface and free it from dead cells and waste substances deposited on our skin.

After that, apply the Body Cream with Tanning Activator daily. Thanks to the innovative tan booster pentapeptide , this cream promotes the appearance of a natural tan and stimulates the luminosity and radiance of the skin. Rich in Shea Butter , Vitamin E and Aloe Vera , this body and face cream gives the skin elasticity and softness, preparing it for a natural tan tone and a ''personalised'' effect depending on the skin on which it is used.

Obviously (but it is better to remember this) always expose yourself to the sun's rays and only after applying the sunscreen suitable for your skin phototype.

Important! Let's not forget that a pre-tan skincare lowers the risk of rashes, burns and inflammatory manifestations of the skin.

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