Borse e Occhiaie: conosciamo le cause e troviamo i rimedi giusti

Bags and dark circles: we know the causes and find the right remedies

On the one hand, genetic predisposition and aging, on the other external factors, such as continuous exposure to the sun or sunlamps, bad eating habits, poor night sleep, smoking and stress, are elements that can favor tissue thinning process, resulting in the degradation of collagen fibers and loss of elasticity.

These phenomena are particularly evident and early in a fragile and sensitive area such as that around the eyes , which is more prone to developing small wrinkles, dark circles and bags due to the slowing of blood flow.

The causes of dark circles and bags under the eyes can be many, but let's know the most common:

  • Dark circles or bags can be a GENETIC factor.
  • The body reacts to STRESS by concentrating blood flow to vital organs, leaving a paler complexion which makes dark circles around the eyes more visible.
  • FATIGUE slows down circulation which causes swelling under the eyes.
  • IRON DEFICIENCY causes a gray-brown color under the eyes.
  • A DIET rich in salt and processed foods cause water retention. The liquid settles under the eyes causing the annoying bags.
  • ALLERGIES AND INTOLERANCE can cause grayness in the delicate parts of the skin such as those around the eyes.
  • MEDICINE USE can increase or decrease circulation by weakening the blood, and this becomes more visible in areas where the skin is thinner, such as under the eyes.
  • ALCOHOL AND SMOKING cause dehydration and irritation in the most delicate area of ​​the skin around the eyes.

Covering dark circles with concealers and foundations is sometimes not the only solution. In fact, it is essential to treat the eye contour area with specific products.

We have already mentioned how thin and sensitive the skin around the eyes is, which is why it is subject to the formation of dark circles and unsightly bags. However, this is much more receptive, so excellent results can be obtained by constantly applying specific cosmetic products with small massages.

Three daily gestures to relieve puffiness and dark circles:

Doing small massages around the eyes daily while applying the serum and then the specific eye contour cream stimulates the functioning of the lymphatic system (a network of tissues and organs that help discharge toxins).

  1. Apply the specific products for the eye area by gently rubbing the area around the dark circles with your fingers.
  2. Gently massage starting from the inside to the outside of the eye contour.
  3. Lightly pinch with forefinger and thumb during massage to improve microcirculation.


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