Via la pancia con l'inverno, ecco la tua routine invernale per il corpo

How to reduce belly fat in winter? Here is your new beauty routine for your body

Those who are attentive to their beauty routine know that with the change of seasons, skin care also changes, which differs according to the climate and temperatures. For example, if in summer it is essential to protect the skin from the sun's rays, in autumn it needs more attention with targeted treatments that prepare it for winter.

As soon as the temperatures begin to drop, our attention is mostly directed to the skin of the face, eye contour and neck which generally need more hydration and nourishment. This happens because the face is the part most exposed to atmospheric agents and is first affected by the change in temperatures, which weaken the skin causing dryness and irritation, and consequently a greater predisposition to the formation of wrinkles and early spots.

No less in need of attention is the skin of the body which we often tend to neglect with the arrival of the first cold weather

The products to reduce the 3 main critical points of the body

Seaweed Mud , the perfect product to drain excess liquids

Body oil , to improve skin elasticity and firmness

Body Serum , to promote the dissolution of skin fat and to prevent its formation

Anti-Cellulite Cream with Caffeine , to fight cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin

It is precisely in this period that the skin of the body appears dry and dull, the cause is the narrowing of the blood vessels and the slowdown in cell turnover.

Furthermore, we have an increase in water retention in the thighs and buttocks since in this period we are more sedentary and tend to eat a diet richer in fats and sugars. The part of the body that suffers the most and where the most fat accumulates is the belly. However, it is normal for us women to accumulate fat in the waist area and the cause is the high number of hormones.

What matters is to counteract this natural tendency by choosing active ingredients capable of stimulating the metabolism . Starting from natural extracts such as green clay, laminaria algae and horse chestnut with a draining action , but also caffeine, capable of promoting the dissolution of fats , brown algae, which blocks the formation of fat, oak extract, rosemary essential oils, substances which they act on the elasticity and compactness of the skin tissues.

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