indicazioni su come effettuare il massaggio al viso

Find out how to improve your skin with facial self-massage

There is a secret that not all women know to reduce and prevent expression lines : it is the face massage, or rather self-massage, the most effective method to take care of the skin of your face in association with specific treatment for your skin type.

A practice that brings many benefits

A face self-massage performed consistently and with the right movements, as well as greatly relaxing, stimulates the microcirculation and after only a month you will notice improvements, especially on expression lines, making your skin brighter . This happens because the massage stimulates the skin's natural production of collagen and elastin (which, as we well know, tends to decrease drastically over the years), thus improving and preventing the signs of aging.

Furthermore, in the face, as in the rest of the body, there are many muscles (about 50) that need to be trained to give natural support to the skin.

How do you practice?

There are many types of facial massage, we will mention a few, to be implemented at home, with ease of execution.

Draining massage

The extremely effective self-massage is certainly the draining face massage, which must be done once a day after cleansing the face with the usual face cream to ensure that all the active ingredients penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

instructions for the draining face massage
  1. Starting from the décolleté, we gradually move towards the neck, placing our hands on the chest in small circles we reach the neck, repeating everything about 3 times, in order to stimulate the drainage of liquids.
  2. We continue towards the chin , with the fingers together and using only the fingertips, continue to draw circles by exerting a slight pressure and releasing, making this movement up to the ears.
  3. Now let's move on to the lips , place your thumb near the lower lip while placing your index finger on the upper one by executing outward movements.
  4. On the cheekbones place the hands upside down, making rotational movements with the thumb up to the temples.
  5. Let's now bring the fingers on the eyelids , making light brushstrokes horizontally and then do the same in the periocular area. Place your fingers at the base of the nose and bring the index fingers towards the eyebrows by applying pressure.
  6. We conclude the draining massage by exerting pressure on the forehead from the center outwards 3 times before closing the massage returning to the neck, where it all began.

This type of massage is especially useful in times of stress and tiredness and if you tend to have a swollen face.

Anti-aging and firming massage

This self-massage should also be performed once a day , preferably in the evening after thoroughly cleansing the skin of the face.

instructions for Firming Anti-Aging Face Massage
  1. Starting the message from the décolleté with the specific cream for your facial skin, proceed along the neck with movements from bottom to top as if we wanted to stretch the skin and "stretch" it, to smooth out wrinkles.
  2. Then starting from the chin with a delicate firming face massage, with the hands we practice small circles up to the cheekbones.
  3. For nasolabial folds, place the index and middle fingers on the sides of the mouth and pull first outwards and then upwards, up to the cheekbones.
  4. Continue massaging the cheekbones , always with circular movements, and then concentrate on the forehead, with movements from the bottom upwards from the nose to the hairline.
  5. Finally, move on to the eyebrow area , continuing to iron and pressing from the center of the forehead outwards, up to the temples, and then upwards.
It is suggested to repeat the entire massage 3 times.
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