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Body mud: the most effective anti-cellulite ever

Mud is by far the most effective treatment in the fight against cellulite and the reduction of the adipose layer. By regularly carrying out treatments with the mud, visibly positive effects against skin fat deposits can be appreciated in a short time. In fact, from the first applications, you can notice a smoother, more toned and elastic skin.

The power of our Laminaria Seaweed Mud lies in its precious natural principles which guarantee its effectiveness.

The beneficial effect of our Mud has been enhanced by the Laminaria Alga which eliminates the fatty layer, by the Essential Oils of rosemary and lemon with toning and soothing properties, and by physiotherapy extracts such as Horse Chestnut Seeds with vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and draining properties. This last principle, together with others, makes this mud particularly suitable for those suffering from varicose veins and weak capillaries: after rinsing, in fact, there is a sensation of freshness and well-being and the skin appears smooth and toned. The properties of Green Clay also play a fundamental role: the latter in fact gives elasticity and tone to the tissues, while purifying the skin of toxins.

Laminaria seaweed mud

8 good reasons to use a mud

  1. It is an excellent enhancement to the anti-cellulite treatment
  2. Models and tones orange peel skin
  3. It is effective in reducing the fat layer
  4. Does not interfere with the sun
  5. It is effective for combating multiple blemishes
  6. Gives lightness to the legs and a feeling of well-being
  7. It has a good price/quality ratio
  8. It is easy and pleasant to apply

The regular application of anti-cellulite mud, obviously combined with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, can undoubtedly bring clear benefits against skin fat deposits and are undoubtedly the most effective in anti-cellulite treatments.

How are muds applied?

Before mud treatment, a hot shower is recommended to remove excess dirt and dilate the skin pores .

After carefully drying the body with a soft cloth, orange peel skin is ready to be tested.

Spread our Laminaria Seaweed Mud on the hips, thighs, legs, abdomen or any other area that requires treatment .

Then perform a rather vigorous massage , always circular, to promote the therapeutic action of the anti-cellulite mud, while stimulating the microcirculation.

At the end of the application, the mud must remain in place for 15-40 minutes . Generally, in order to avoid heat dispersion, the parts of the body covered with anti-cellulite mud are wrapped in sheets or films.

Then, once the processing time has elapsed, take a tepid shower (37-40°C) to remove that sort of clay mask that has stuck perfectly to the critical areas.

To complete the anti-cellulite treatment, promote sweating and remove stress, we recommend lying down and keeping warm (perhaps with a blanket) for about 10 minutes .

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