Acido Ialuronico per tutte le età e per tutte le pelli

Hyaluronic acid for all ages and for all skins

Hyaluronic acid is today considered one of the most effective elements to counteract skin aging

Everyone talks about the benefits of hyaluronic acid and we are intrigued by the cosmetics that contain it. We will explain in this blog what this famous acid is and why so many cosmetics contain it.

Hyaluronic acid is contained in almost all of our products, in different percentages depending on the purpose of the cosmetic, from face creams to body creams including sunscreens.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is mainly used in cosmetics for anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatments, although in recent years advanced techniques have also allowed its application in the field of motor rehabilitation. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally produced by the body in order to hydrate and protect the tissues. Its particular structure allows it to bind and retain numerous water molecules, thus contributing to the maintenance of hydration and skin elasticity. Since as we age we tend to produce less and less hyaluronic acid, it can be integrated through specific cosmetics, as well as through aesthetic medicine treatments.

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The benefits on the skin

The benefits of hyaluronic acid are to keep the skin well hydrated, providing a visible rejuvenating action and making it soft and toned.

Antioxidant par excellence, this acid is capable of counteracting free radicals which are mainly responsible for aging and damage caused by pollution, stress and UV rays.

This active ingredient is suitable for all ages and all skin types, from sensitive to oily. In short, it is a real natural ally for our well-being.

Why use Hyaluronic Acid-based cosmetics?

There are many items in cosmetics with moisturizing and rejuvenating solutions, but none are as effective as hyaluronic acid in regards to wrinkle smoothing. The fact that it is naturally produced by our skin in combination with other elements makes its effectiveness profound.

It is mistakenly thought that hyaluronic acid-based cosmetics are more suitable only for mature skin, guided by the fact that the body produces less as the years go by. Instead, skin care must be preventive and is recommended for all ages: on young dry skin it rebalances the correct hydration, on oily skin with impurities it acts keeping it young and toned, while on mature skin it helps to regain tone and vigor.

Does Hyaluronic Acid Really Work?

To get noteworthy results it is important to pay attention to a few factors:

  • From skin health

  • From the type of cosmetic, which must be suitable for your skin type

  • From the real effectiveness of a cosmetic linked to various factors such as the quality of the hyaluronic acid used and the combination with other active ingredients

  • To obtain concrete results it is necessary to have constancy in the application as well as nourishing our body with correct nutrition

  • A healthy lifestyle is the best vector for the effectiveness of plumping, moisturizing and rejuvenating cosmetics

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