Primavera: SOS Pelle Grassa

Spring: SOS Oily Skin

During the winter months, the skin undergoes a slowdown in metabolism, caused by lack of sunlight and exposure to cold. This leads to a worsening of the skin appearance.

Contrary to what is often thought, it is precisely oily and acne-prone skin that pays the most.

In winter, the skin undergoes numerous aggressions that can cause the appearance of problems such as opacity and lack of firmness. These problems can affect all skin types, but are particularly evident on oily and combination skin. The latter are in fact more subject to the negative consequences of cold, wind and lack of sunlight, which can cause a significant impoverishment of skin metabolism and therefore an increase in sebum production. The result is dull, dull skin, devoid of vitality and turgidity.

Fortunately, with the arrival of spring, it is possible to reverse this trend and give the skin a new life. However, it is important to follow a series of precautions, such as a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, adequate hydration, correct daily cleansing and the use of specific products for your skin needs. Only in this way will it be possible to obtain luminous, elastic and healthy skin, ready to enjoy the beauties of spring.

Oily skin. The most obvious manifestations of oily skin are comedones (blackheads), millet grains (small white sub-corneal cysts), seborrhea (skin greasiness), desquamation (dandruff), papules and pimples.

Spring cleaning to promote natural cell turnover and recover a luminous face

In spring, the skin's regenerating process is naturally activated, accelerating cell turnover. Process that must be supported and favored with targeted treatments.
The first step is facial cleansing , which must be done in depth to eliminate impurities.

The ideal facial skin cleansing treatment is to use a gentle cleanser for daily use - like our Gentle Cleansing Mousse - combined a few times a week with a gentle scrub with the Gentle Exfoliating Brush . This is a treatment to be used all year round, but especially in spring it becomes a beauty ally.
Especially for oily skin, delicate exfoliation is effective for reducing excess sebum, freeing clogged pores and eliminating blackheads and pimples.


To take care of the skin it is also important to pay attention to nutrition, opting for a healthy and balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables (to take vitamins and mineral salts), fish, fats of vegetable origin, fibers and cereals. It is also necessary to limit alcohol, sugary drinks and foods that are too refined. In fact, these are products that cause a rapid increase in the level of glucose, ie sugar, in the blood which trigger a series of hormonal signals that can cause inflammation and therefore an excessive production of sebum on the skin.

Sport activity

For proper fitness, healthy eating and targeted cosmetic treatments alone are not enough. Physical activity also plays its part in regenerating the body and toning up the tissues. Half an hour a day is enough to get back on track and complete the spring beauty programme.

Rebalancing Cream for Oily and Combination Skin from Fiori di Cipria on Vimeo .


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