Perché l'autunno è la stagione giusta per combattere la cellulite

Because autumn is the right season to fight cellulite

The famous list of good intentions when you return from vacation...
This year is gone, but next year my legs will be perfect!

In the list of good intentions that is compiled upon returning from vacation there is the desire to show off perfect, smooth and completely free of blemishes legs. This goal can only be achieved if we decide to radically change our lifestyle.

Cellulite has always been the sworn enemy of many women, water retention is one of the causes of the formation of cellulite, but if you still haven't managed to eradicate it, autumn is the perfect time to declare war on this imperfection and start fighting it effectively.

You have almost a year, it won't be easy, there will be obvious relapses into bad habits, especially around Christmas, but you'll have plenty of time to fix it and reach your goal: showing off your perfect legs ! Next year you will look forward to discovering your legs, there will be no more regrets or last minute rushes, just enjoying the results of constant work without unnecessary stress

First step

A diet based on fresh foods such as oranges, which are harvested in autumn, improves blood circulation. Regularly consuming vegetables stimulates the natural drainage of excess liquids. We can also take the opportunity to lose those extra 5 kg that torment us and recur every year when we try in vain to get back into that little dress we like so much. Fat is the most common cause of water retention.

Second step

We know, physical activity is essential . But the real revelation is that you don't need hours of stressful sessions in the gym, just take a good brisk walk every day and only 40 minutes are enough!

Third step

Let's face it, all of us have obsessively searched for the best product to reduce cellulite, but in fact we have only collected disappointments , thanks to a sedentary life and weekend aperitifs.

But what is the real solution? Have we eaten healthy and joined the gym but it seems that the effort is never enough? Is the orange peel always there? Is the disappointment such that we consoled ourselves with a whole jar of Nutella ? In the end nothing changes (maybe).

The real solution is you, that's clear!

Only your willpower can make the difference...

Between an evening on the sofa, an aperitif and your perfect legs... maybe you just made the wrong choice of your allies against cellulite !

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