oli essenziali efficaci contro la cellulite

Essential oils against cellulite

But how many properties do essential oils have?

The properties of essential oils are many, but these are mainly known for their lymph-draining and toning properties. A simple massage after a shower on damp skin allows essential oils to penetrate deeper and are perfect allies to fight and eliminate cellulite .

Do you want to cure your cellulite? See what stage you're at and find out how to improve it with cosmetic products based on essential oils!

1st stage: Edematous cellulite

The skin is more pasty and cold to the touch, and the first signs of the "orange peel" are noticed.

The recommended treatment is simple and is based on strengthening the microcirculation from the outside:

  1. Reactivating massage oil with essential oils after shower on damp skin (once a day)

  2. Firming and remodeling body serum with lymphatic drainage and toning properties to be applied to the affected areas (once a day, preferably in the evening)

2nd stage: fibrous cellulite

Small nodules called "orange peel" form in the adipose tissue, by compressing the affected areas a slight discomfort/pain is felt and the surrounding area is colder to the touch.

Also in this case, cellulite can be completely resolved , just treat it promptly with the right routine :

  1. Reactivating massage oil with essential oils after shower on damp skin (once a day)
  2. Cellulite cream with caffeine and essential oils (once a day)
  3. Seaweed mud with essential oils on the affected areas for a draining and smoothing effect (once/twice a week).

3rd Stage: Soft Sclerotic Cellulite

It is characterized by an increase in nodules, the skin has many depressions, bruises may appear following circulatory problems, pain is felt to the touch and the skin is cold.

At this level it is still possible to solve the imperfection but perseverance is needed . Your treatment requires:

  1. Reactivating massage oil with essential oils after shower on damp skin (once a day)
  2. Cellulite Cream alternating with Body Serum (one day we apply the cream and the day after the serum)
  3. Mud Cream on the affected areas for a draining and smoothing effect (two/three times a week).

4th Stage: Sclerotic Cellulite

There is a worsening of all the conditions of the previous stages, the skin has the typical "mattress" appearance. At this stage the problem cannot be solved with cosmetic products, it would be advisable to contact an aesthetic medicine centre. This is not to say that nothing can be done, on the contrary, using the treatment described in stage 3 can significantly improve the situation .

And are you ready to start your beauty routine based on essential oils for cellulite?

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