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Skin tone down? Here are the secrets to combating the loss of more toned skin

How much does it bother you to feel a little flaccid in your arms, legs or belly?

Here are some simple tips to follow daily to firm and reshape the skin of your body, counteracting loss of tone:

Maintain good hydration

Muscle is made up largely of water and if you don't drink enough the body will draw on this reserve , thus reducing muscle mass. It is therefore advisable to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep the body always well hydrated.

Have a balanced diet

Good nutrition strengthens muscles. Adequate proteins , essential for strengthening muscles, can be found in certain foods such as eggs, legumes, dried fruit, apples with peel. Antioxidants such as red fruits are the resource to counteract free radicals and the Vitamin C contained in many fruits allows to speed up the metabolism and burn fat.

Constant exercise

The best exercises will undoubtedly be those aimed at combating flaccidity in the areas where you need it most. If your weak point is the belly, for example, push-ups, the inevitable abs and stretching are always indicated. If you want to firm up your legs and buttocks, however, dedicate at least an hour to brisk walking, cycling or swimming. The important thing is not to exaggerate but to try to be constant ; for this reason it is suggested to train at least 2/3 times a week, even just 1 hour a day.

The right routine for the body

You can help your skin a lot by adopting a good body beauty routine every day. Like the face, the skin of the rest of the body also needs constant care with quality products. Starting from a delicate cleansing accompanied 1/2 times a week by exfoliation with specific products or even simply coarse salt. It is also good to apply specific products with firming and remodeling principles such as revitalizing oils, body serums and moisturizing creams . Once a week, more specific treatments such as bandages and mud can be combined.

They are small daily efforts which, together with good nutrition, will allow you to improve your tone little by little. An effort is certainly needed, but nothing is impossible with a little good will!

Why not start today?

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