Eliminare la spellatura dell'abbronzatura

Eliminate tan peeling

The only real way to prevent peeling is to protect yourself when you expose yourself to the sun , after all we must also do it to prevent much worse and irreversible damage to our skin.

But if, hoping for an instant tan, you have exposed yourself to the sun during the hottest hours, or continuously during the summer with little sun protection, even though you have never gotten yourself a particularly serious sunburn, you find yourself having to deal with the infamous peeling , or commonly referred to as "dead skin" .

First of all, we must always remember that sunscreen is not enough to protect us from sunburn, we must also observe some simple rules such as being careful not to expose ourselves for too long and indiscriminately, especially during the hottest hours of the day. It is also necessary to try to always stay hydrated , drinking lots of water, and more generally follow a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables . Finally, it is important to hydrate the skin well even after exposure to the sun, using our Soothing After Sun Cream .

Observing these precautions, in addition to avoiding end-of-season peeling, helps to maintain a beautiful and very long-lasting tan.

That said, peeling can happen as early as a few days after a severe sunburn, but it most often shows up late in the season.

Remove dead skin with scrub!

Our Body Exfoliator is undoubtedly the ideal and most delicate solution to eliminate dead skin. Easy to use, it is suitable for the face and body, and applied in the shower with delicate circulatory movements it quickly eliminates dead cells, restoring a homogeneous color to the skin.

The scrub, in addition to eliminating the dead skin of the superficial layer (ie the actual peeling) also has a stimulating action on the underlying skin, which in this way regenerates faster .

As a Beauty Routine for the skin of the body, it should be used once a week or every 10 days. But in case of peeling, the scrub becomes fundamental to say the least and must also be carried out on a daily basis to normalize the skin.

In addition to scrubbing, you can also use a horsehair glove in the shower.

After the scrub, especially if you are recovering from sunburn, also apply Almond Oil before getting out of the shower: perform a light massage, rinse quickly and dry yourself delicately by patting the skin with a light towel. Finally, apply our Soothing After Sun Cream which, with its emollient and moisturizing active ingredients, regenerates the skin and reduces the peeling effect.

Patches of color on the skin after peeling?

Very often the peeling occurs irregularly, the dead cells of the peeled skin rise to the surface and when detached they form chromatic spots. In this case the only remedy is to be patient and continue with the delicate scrub and constantly moisturize the skin.

There is also a trick to camouflage the dyschromia: you can use a little Tan Activator on the lighter areas together with the Soothing After Sun Cream, to be applied after the scrub.

Peelings are very often located on the shoulders and back, but if they also appear on the face, especially for those with more sensitive and drier skin, it is useful, after performing a delicate scrub, to moisturize the skin with the Re- Age Nutrive with regenerating properties of Gardenia cells and nourishing active ingredients, combined with Re-Vital Supreme Cream with Swiss Apple Stem Cells

The back is one of the places where we burn most frequently. The shoulders and lower back are, in fact, the areas that we expose the most to the sun and which, therefore, risk burning and peeling more easily.

If using the scrub proves difficult in some points of the back, a horsehair band may be the most effective solution to your problem.

Standing under an umbrella, we often don't realize that the only area exposed to the sun is our legs . We often underestimate burns and consequently the peeling of the legs but this is a serious mistake .

In addition to the beauty routine with the scrub and the After Sun Cream, it is also advisable to apply the Light Legs Gel to strengthen and eliminate the capillaries on the surface , not evident for now that your legs are colored, but which you will notice once they return white.

Other precautions to avoid flaking:

To prevent the flaking of the skin from getting worse, it is advisable to adopt a few small precautions:

  • It is better to avoid tight or synthetic clothes because rubbing on the skin worsens and makes the peeling more evident. Therefore, it is better to choose loose-fitting clothes in natural fabrics. Also pay attention to the sheets, better than light cotton, or satin, delicate on the skin.

  • Do not remove the cuticles! Our first impulse when skin is peeling is to peel off the dead skin. This gesture is absolutely to be avoided to avoid further redness: the dead skin must come off by itself, with the help of the scrub.

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