pelle normale senza cellulite

Cellulite… are you sure?

Cellulite is such a common problem that we have now resigned ourselves to the idea of ​​having it all... We use treatments and remedies of all types and kinds, in order to eliminate it, very often without being able to obtain the desired results.

In short, cellulite is a pathology caused by the alteration of the microcirculation, which causes the stagnation of liquids and the formation of oedemas. At the beginning it is water retention, but continued over time, it causes chronic inflammation of the fat cells and consequently a progressive loss of functionality. The skin takes on the typical "orange peel" appearance, with more or less evident nodules and holes, depending on the stage of the cellulite.

What if what we have isn't cellulite?

Now let's stand in front of the mirror and shed some light on the imperfections that are often confused with cellulite.

Water retention is often confused with cellulite, these two conditions are certainly two pathologies that depend on each other, but it is good to know that they are two imperfections with different biological characteristics.

Water retention is a problem that occurs more frequently in women, in fact in most cases, it is the hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle, or that precedes ovulation, that cause its appearance. Precisely in these phases the lymphatic system has more difficulty draining liquids. Consequently, it is more probable that edema, even painful, and redness, typical blemishes linked to water retention, will occur.

While we are standing, let us carefully observe the color of the knees and feet, if after a short time they take on a purplish colour, the microcirculation has probably slowed down, resulting in water retention. Protracted water retention degenerates into cellulite and to prevent this from happening it is first necessary to evaluate our lifestyle.

Swap the dimpled appearance of adipose tissue for cellulite

If those holes are formed by holding the tissue of the inner thigh in your hands, it's not cellulite, it's the normal adipose tissue that we all have.

And the orange peel?

If standing up we don't see the orange peel, the orange peel isn't there and therefore it's not cellulite! While if the orange peel is there and it's visible even without squeezing the skin, in that case it's cellulite!

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